A palimpsest is not something new or recent. It can be anything that has diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath its surface.
In literature, it is mostly used to describe pieces of paper or other material on which one rewrites or erased the original content to write a new one. In art, it mostly refers to pieces revealing visible layers on top of each other, but 3d layered artworks are also very popular.
So, no matter what the final piece is, Palimpsest always refers to the pieces created.

What if we switched the focus on the creator?

That is the main goal of this project, Palimpsesting. Just as the artworks or literary pieces, an artist is a palimpsest. The artist also builds up layers by always learning, creating, researching, exploring, and developing new skills, thoughts, and production methods.

The palimpsest of the artist can mainly be visible through their progress, artwork, and personal style. 

Why Palimpsesting?

The idea behind transforming this noun into a verb is to personalize and also define this artistic production. Through this production, I will combine all the conceptual and technical elements; that I accumulated during the last few years. To give shape to, construct, and present this personal idea, which will ultimately generate digital documents of my artistic process and artworks.